Manufacturer & Brands

Manufacturer & Brands

Here you will find the items sorted by manufacturer. The first ones in the list are the ones, I am the responsible exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany. All others are following in alphabetical order!




Here you find all items from Aplastics from Ukraine. It is the whole listing except just a few items.

If you want items, what are not listed, we can order them für you. Just contact us and let us know.

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!




Here you can find all the items I listed from SidewaysRC - SRC from South Africa. He always works on new items and I try to have all items (except just a few) in stock.

Non of these items are 3D printed. All are made of resin, lexan (polycarbonate) and metall.

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!


Demi Works


Demi-Works as European producer, produces body kits for RC bodies since a while. They are famous because ot their fitment to the bodies.

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!




ArtPlasticCustoms is a small manufacturer from Russia who do molds and bodies by handmade. There are some new projects planned in future - let see what will come!

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!




3Dmoskcustoms is a small manufacturer from Italy, specialized in Alfa Romeo bodies, who do molds and bodies by handmade. All bodies have included 3D printet accessoires to build the body really scale.

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!


Dimension RC


Dimension RC is a small manufacturer from UK who is specialized in engine bays. The quality of the polycarbonate, resin and 3d print material is awsome.
But there will be other items available soon.

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!




Hot Tap Bodyworks is a small manufacturer who do molds and bodies by handmade. There are some new projects planned in future - let see what will come!

I am the exclusive Dealer/Partner in Germany!




ABC Hobby


ABC Hobby is a asian manufacturer of really nice and detailed bodies and accessoires.


Custom Cuts


Custom Cuts from Germany is well known to insiders since a few years. If you need Emblems, this is the right producer. Even when you need an emblem what is not available yet - just ask me ;-)




H-Speed is a manufacturer from Austria. At the moment I just add the spray paints to my shop because they offer a really nice grey.




Here you can see my listings of HPI items. The most interesting thing is, that they have a width of 200 mm, so you can use wheels with high offset on your car.



KAMTEC is a small manufacturer, who is also specialized in reproductions of older rc bodies.




Killerbody produces really nice bodies. Because of Quality and included accessoires, the price is unbeatable.




Matrixline in the meanwhile is a known Asian producer of RC bodies and accessoires. But also the decals are really nice.




Here you can find items, what are produced by myself. If vacuumed or 3D printed, I have a few possibilities to manufacture something by myself.


RPM RC-Parts


RPM is a known Manufacturer for Scale and Hop-Uöp parts - mainly for Crawler and Scaler like Traxxas, Amewi and many others. But they also have items what can be used universaly for other bodies.







Scale Dynamics are well known for their nice detailed wheels.

If you are interested for other colours/designs what I havn't listed, just let me know, I can order them for you.


SG Modell


Here you will find all items I listet from SG Modell from Hungary. He is a small manufacturer, specialized in Classic cars.
Bodies from East-European cars, I don't have in stock, but I can order them quickly for you.




Surging Wheels produces wheels what are a bit "different" - so they are perfect for my shop



Tamiya Logo

A known brand what needs no more words to explain ;-)

I just will offer only a few items, what are a great addendum to the bodies I listed in my shop.




TRAXXAS is a famous manufacturer in RC and don't need much information.

I am working on the range of items, but inthe meanwhile I can order anthing from Traxxas for you - if onroad or offroad, just let me know what you are looking for!


Wrap-Up Next


Wrap-Up Next is know for it's realistic 3D printed decals



Misc. Manufacturer

Here you will find accessoires from different manufacturer. From some manufacturer I only have one item listed, or the manufacturer can change from supplier to supplier.