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Welcome at "RC Bodies And Parts" = RC-BAP
a shop where you can get RC bodies and accessoires.


We are working all the time to expand our range of items, so you will hopefully find new stuff, anytime when you visit our site.

We are exclusive dealer for the following brands in Germany:

RC Bodies


Scale Parts


Body Kits

RC Bodies


RC Bodies


Engine Bays ... and more


But we also have much more brands, please check our Manufacturer & Brands site


If you are looking for something special, please let me know. I am working in cooperation with many wholesalers and I am able to order much more than I can offer here in the shop.

Because of stock limitation (space), it can be that something is out of stock at the moment you are looking for it. But everything should be restocked asap.
You also can send me an message/email then I can reserve you this items!