Info about RC Drifting

Translated from German via Google Translator

I do not want to write much about RC Drift, as we already have a lot of information on the side of our drift team "RC Drift Syndikat" and the biggest German drift club "Devils Drift Crew" (where I am also a member). Just have a look. But I also like to answer questions. One or the other will know me from the drift track or also from Facebook, where I am quite active, and try that people do not lose the pleasure of the hobby RC drift. This usually happens due to wrong advice and not working material.

We also have a page on the RC Drit Syndikat site (link below) with the latest drift tracks in Germany and 
neighboring countries, so everyone can see what's nearby.

I would just like to mention THE hint for beginners:

Before you get advice on the net, please first visit a drift track (or a drift team - many do not have their own track, as we did by the RC Drift Syndicate, for example). There you will definitely advise properly and could possibly drive one or the other chassis times trial. It is also important to find out whether you CS (four-wheel drive) or RWD (rear-wheel drive) is better. It does not help, if you buy a CS chassis but actually get along better with a RWD chassis.

Just have a look:


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