SRC Display Chassis

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Price per piece, plus delivery

This is the perfect stuff, to show your bodies on shows/exhibitions or even in a showcase.

You also can mount seats for a more realistic look (seats and wheels are not included). It is fully adjustable for almost every body in the popular sizes.

The details of the brakes are awesome and not compareable to other.

Everything is included to build the diplay chassis.

The wheelbase can be adjusted from 220 to 295 mm, the width can be adjusted from 150 to 210 mm


Product Note Status Price
Bucket Seat Version 1 Bucket Seat Version 1
9.90 € *
Bucket Seat Version 2 Bucket Seat Version 2
11.50 € *
Bucket Seat Harness Bucket Seat Harness
8.90 € *
Price per piece, plus delivery
Display accessory details

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