About us

Translated from German via Google Translator

I'm currently from the RC drift scene (but am also successfully in off-road, on water and in the air).

Due to my preference not to have everything like others, I found in my research on one or the other manufacturer, which is relatively unknown in the German market / was or sold not even in Germany / Europe. Through efforts, I was able to establish good contacts with some and buy their products. Naturally, my colleagues and friends became aware of this, and I started to get something for others. After the demand became bigger and bigger, I decided to build a small shop with it. However, my offer does not only refer to the drift scene, as it is very well supplied with the well-known manufacturers. Nevertheless, one or the other check will certainly turn up on a drift track.

There are currently products from the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Asia, Hungary and South Africa - others will hopefully follow if the negotiations are successful. In the near future, additional 3D-printed attachments and other accessories will be available. Also, one or the other supplement such. Lights and possibly rims move in. In addition, self-tests of deep-drawn bodies and attachments are planned.

But not all the usual items that are available in most shops, but items that are difficult or cumbersome to get.

I am also pleased that I can take over the exclusive distribution for Germany for some manufacturers.

I am willing to include new articles. If you have an idea, just contact me - I'm open to almost anything.

The product range is therefore constantly being revised, supplemented and expanded. Just check in regularly.

The stock is unfortunately limited, but I always try to have everything from there. I also like to order especially for you, so you get your desired check and / or accessories also safe ;-)


Info about RC Drifting

Since I am quite active in the drift scene, I would like to enlighten, help and support a bit in terms of RC drift. Just click on "About the RC Drift".